Sighted Free Giveaway #2!

SIGHTED will be FREE on Amazon Kindle once again tomorrow through Tuesday night! Tell your friends, because I can only do this one more time after this!

Paranormal Investigator and struggling author Lucas Taylor finally has hard evidence in the palm of his hand. What began as a series of surreal text messages punctuated by a damning photo ends with a feverish obsession for the truth. In the soft light of a dying cell phone screen, a man stares back at Lucas with soulless eyes of drowning pitch, classically attired in a suit and fedora that seem out of place in the modern era. His close friend and collaborator Caden Wilson believes that he’s been visited by this haunting figure after having been witness to a UFO. Fearing both for his friend’s health and sanity he makes the trip out to him, the revelations that follow leave him stunned.

Click the image below to grab your copy!

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