Call of the Harbinger Influences Part II

Apocalypse Fear:

Credit: NASA

Throughout written history, human consciousness has always been plagued by a sick fascination with the end of the world.

The ancient world believed that comets were the harbingers of doom and destruction; the coming of Halley’s comet was seen as an ill omen, and humanity didn’t stop viewing comets as omens of disaster, or weapons of the gods hurled at the Earth to punish mankind, until the first century AD.

Every religion has some kind of end of the world prophecy. We see it as a core theme in many successful Hollywood blockbusters too. Even now, there are people who believe that a rogue planetary system (called Nibiru) is supposed to come crashing through our star system like a wrecking ball (but, their time table for this gets pushed farther and farther back, much like those religious nuts that come out and predict the end of the world every two months).  But, why? I got to asking myself: “Was there some Earth shattering event that humans witnessed before the time of written history that stuck with us through some innate, subconscious, memory? Were the ancient religious prophecies actually telling of something in our past, rather than our future?”

It’s not a new question.  Dave Talbot (of the Thunderbolts Project), who works with Plasma Physicist Wal Thornhill, created a three part documentary called Symbols of an Alien Sky, about how these fears might have began, and, even as preposterous as the ideas raised in the documentary are, you have to admit that it’s intriguing. Cave paintings and ancient art, as well as mythic themes in our ancient (and current) religions, that all seem to fit together in one great apocalyptic prehistoric narrative.  Even if people like Talbot are completely wrong about Earth having orbited Saturn, and Venus having been a comet in our distant past, (course, even grandiose sounding events like these are a mere drop in the bucket when compared to the awesome magnitude of our universe)  the mere presence of these images (many of them being plasma formations that can be recreated in the lab exactly as they were drawn) suggests that, when it comes to the secrets of our past, we’ve barely even tapped the surface.

Before Call of the Harbinger was even an idea, I was fascinated by these questions, and I haven’t stopped being fascinated by them. There are no clear answers, of course, though there are curious cave paintings of plasma structures (which can be reproduced in plasma laboratories) scattered all over the world, as well as strange symbols scattered across every culture and continent that hint at strange formations in our skies, and we’ve learned that ancient cultures knew far more about the Earth and astronomy than we once thought. Hell, the “official” date for how far back human existence on this planet keeps getting pushed back as we find older and older fossils. Still, the best we can do is speculate.

Image Credit 2012 Focus Features

I’ve never been a huge conspiracy theorist, in fact most of them make me laugh, but I am fascinated by them. Ancient Aliens was pretty popular while I was writing the first draft of Call
of the Harbinger, and it’s not such a stretch to add extra terrestrials coming down and mucking with life on Earth to the theory of panspermia. So, coupled with the “ancient object” guy (who I discussed in part I), apocalypse fear, Symbols of an Alien Sky, and ancient aliens, Call of the Harbinger began to take shape.

In the next part, I’ll talk about the heavy emphasis of dreams in the story, and my own experiences with apocalyptic nightmares.


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